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2021 Art

Áine Mc Bride – Mother’s Tankstation Limited and Douglas Hyde Gallery.

Hiwa K – Hugh Lane Gallery.

Checkout 19 - Claire Louise Bennett (2021)

The Second Place – Rachel Cusk (2021)

Constellations: Reflections From Life – Sinéad Gleeson (2019)

Jakob Von Gunten - Robert Walser (1909)

About Endlessness Roy Andersson (2019)

I was at home but… Angela Schanelec (2019)

Party Scene (Reflections on a Chemsex Crisis) Choreographer Philip Connaughton and

writer/director Phillip McMahon, THISISPOPBABY, Cork Midsummer Festival 15 June.

The Approach – Mark O’ Rowe, Landmark Productions in association with Project Arts Centre and St. Ann's Warehouse, 23 January.

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